How Did I Get Bed Bugs?


How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Published on Feb 21, 2016
A question that is often asked is "...How did I get bed bugs?..."

There are many possible answers. In this video, we explore the various ways that people are exposed to bed bugs - some of which may surprise you - and how to avoid them and avoid bringing bed bugs back home with you if you do come into contact with them!

You can get bed bugs anywhere! Riding on public transit, flying in an airplane, taking a train or simply having dinner in a restaurant! Bed bugs can be found not only in Toronto but in the suburbs such as Mississauga, Brampton and even Barrie Ontario. Outlying ares from the GTA to Windsor, London Ontario, Guelph and as far east as Peterborough and Ottawa itself!

Avoiding bed bugs has become much harder in the last few years as the spread of this pesky insect has increased many times over! There are, however, some simply ways that you can avoid them...

In this video we'll show you some simple steps that you can take to:

1. Avoid coming into direct contact with bed bugs and
2. Avoid bringing them back into your home if you have been exposed

These tips are simply in nature and easy to accomplish and for anyone that's been unfortunate enough to have been exposed to bed bugs before in their life, they will attest to the necessity of taking some basic steps to steer clear of the known and not-so-known places that you're likely to encounter bed bugs in the first place.

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