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Those who live in Thornhill Ontario can attest to the ever growing bed bug problem being faced its residents.

Bed bugs have been in the Thornhill news more and more over the past couple of years as the problem continues to grow.

Thornhill Ontario is a wonderful community consisting of a mix of high-end residential and commercial inhabitants. These days these residents are facing the same huge increase in bed bug cases as their communal neighbors in Toronto and the GTA.

As the population of Thornhill continues grows one thing is sure... the number of bed bug incidents are surely to grow with it much the same as the bed bugs have increased in the Toronto area as well.

Up until recently, those living in this area, as in most areas in Canada had limited choices when it came to bed bug extermination... No longer!

GreenTech is proud to service Thornhill with our patented, green and super effective bed bug heat treatment system.

The cost of a bed bug heat treatment is a consideration that should be taken into account. Pricing of bed bug treatment is based on the square footage of your home. We are proud to offer our superior bed bug heat treatment at a very reasonable price.

Bed Bug Facts

Did you know that bed bugs mate by 'traumatic insemination'? That's right, they are truly vicious insects. In fact, the act itself is so brutal that it actually puts the female bed bug in mortal danger.

Thornhill now has a choice...

Pesticides or Heat: The choice is clear:

  • Heat is 'green', pure and is actually good for your home
  • Our heat system is 100% safe and eco-friendly
  • The heat kills ALL bed bugs and their eggs in only ONE treatment!
  • Our system is the most efficient so it takes less time to complete!
  • Guaranteed Results!

If you live in Thornhill and find yourself with bedbugs give us a call for fast, honest and reliable service.

We'd be happy to help you too!

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GreenTech heat treatment systems is simply the best in the world!

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GreenTech bed bug treatments are cost effective!

Our 90 Day Service Guarantee
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Our bed bug extermination service guarantee is the best in the Toronto area and all of the GTA.

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