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Whitby Ontario has seen a considerable increased need for bed bug heat treatment over the last fifteen years and Whitby residents are feeling overwhelmed by bed bugs! The reason for this is that Whitby and its surrounding areas are being populated more and more by those seeking a more suburban life as opposed to that of living in the GTA proper. If you live in Whitby you are more than aware of the increased population and along with that increase comes an increase of the likelihood that you’ll be exposed to bed bugs. If you’re in Whitby and you’re dealing with a bed bug problem you have some important decisions to make regarding how you will deal with exterminating them, what method of elimination you’ll choose and whom you will choose to do the treatment for you.

When considering which company to hire to conduct a heat treatment for bed bugs there are some very important things for you to consider to ensure that you choose the best bed bug exterminator;

  1. Ensure that the bed bug extermination company you hire is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario. Hiring a licensed exterminator to fix your bed bug problem ensures a number of important things including that the company is properly insured among other important things. Although there is no licensing currently in existence in Ontario for conducting bed bug heat treatment (we think there should be) by hiring a bed bug extermination company that is licensed by the Government to conduct chemical treatments you are ensuring that they are properly insured.
  2. Make sure to hire an exterminator that has been killing bed bugs for a long time! Experience counts! Killing bed bugs properly and effectively requires a very special set of skills that are acquired of years of experience and hundreds of jobs. Whitby bed bug exterminators are fast becoming well versed in this as the problem continues to grow in this area. We have been exterminating bed bugs for almost fifteen years and, although we are licensed to do most types of pest control - WE ONLY EXTERMINATE FOR BED BUGS! It’s all we’ve ever done and we do it well!
  3. Make sure that the company you hire has some third party credentials such as a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of at least one of the following:
    1. SPMAO
    2. NPMA
    3. CPMA

We are proud to be members in good standing with all three of the above!

Bed Bug Exterminator Whitby

If you’re suffering with bed bugs and you need honest, affordable, reputable and expert help give us a call! We promise to treat you with respect and compassion because we know what you’re going through! With us you are not just a number or another job… you are someone that has come to us with a very personal and pressing problem that requires expert knowledge, skill and understanding. We work with you to ensure that your needs are met, not just to kill your bed bugs but to help you through this trying time in your life. We are proud to be the best bed bug exterminator Whitby has to offer.

Call us now for consult and a quote and start sleeping better again fast!

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