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Bed Bugs Exterminator Toronto

Toronto (also known as the GTA) is Canada's largest city with a population of over 6 million people and, according to StatsCan, has been growing by almost double the rate as other locals in Canada for the past few years.

With the growth in population there has also been an explosion of bed bugs cases in the GTA. The bed bug problem has hit Toronto with a vengeance. Bed bug outbreaks have hit Toronto neighborhoods from one end of the city to the other and while there are outlying areas of the GTA that have been hit less than others, it is accurate to state that Toronto as a whole is dealing with a massive bed bug problem.

Areas of downtown Toronto and such places as the Beaches and the Annex have born the brunt of the bedbug outbreak while other areas of the GTA such as Scarborough are seeing a huge increase of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs do not discern between apartments and single family homes. Homeowners and renters are equally likely to be exposed to the bed bugs since contracting them is as easy as riding a bus or sitting in a restaurant. Once exposed, it is likely that the hitchhiking insect is brought back to the home where infestation sets in.

Bed bugs in Toronto have been making the news more and more and the public awareness is growing as a result. Torontonians are even getting bedbugs from books taken from public libraries! In addition, many people report seeing bed bugs while riding the TTC. Although a quick search for bed bugs on the TTC website reveals no results it is a good bet that a significant number of the 1.5 million daily TTC passengers are exposed to bed bugs .

Bed bug exterminator companies in Toronto have struggled to keep up with the demand of required exterminations. With so many people in the GTA getting bed bugs it is not hard to see why. Having only been reintroduced into society over the past few years, bed bug treatment techniques used by Toronto based extermination companies have evolved from simply spraying pesticides, then by adding heat via steam, dusting and vacuuming the treatment area. These methods can work if done properly but most often do not. The pesticides are mostly ineffective and require numerous treatments. Bed bug exterminators in Toronto have learned that heat is simply the only effective treatment against bed bugs!

Toronto bed bug exterminators that use heat have tried a number of different types of equipment. After much research and real world testing the answer has become clear - Our glycol bed bug heat treatment system is simply the best bed bug extermination system available in Toronto!

Bed Bugs Pest Control Toronto - GTA

We understand that Toronto is under siege with bed bugs. If you are among the thousands in the GTA that are dealing with bed bugs you need fast, accurate, safe and cost effective extermination quickly! A bed bug heat treatment is simply the best most cost effective and safest solution to bed bugs pest control in Toronto!

Bed bug extermination in Toronto - Heat is the better way!

Toronto and GTA area residents can and should expect a better solution to bed bug extermination than has been available up until now!

What you can expect of us:

  • Eco-friendly, safe and effective pure green heat application to your entire home
  • Complete and full bed bug eradication with only one treatment with no use of pesticides!
  • 90 day guarantee

Our bed bug heat treatment is simply the best!

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Our 90 Day Service Guarantee

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