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Pickering Ontario is a fantastic area located just a short drive East of Toronto. With a population of around 100,000 people according to Statistics Canada, Pickering is a growing community with a mix of residential and industrial sectors.

With a growing population comes increased incidents of bed bugs! Residents of Pickering have seen an increase in bed bug cases for the last three years and the bed bug problem continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Bed bug exterminators in Pickering have, like many pest control companies in the area, struggled to address the growing need for bed bug extermination. Using the traditional pesticide techniques have not been working and this comes as no news to Pickering Ontario residents.

Pickering Ontario residents now have a better option when it comes to bed bug treatment - Heat! Our bed bug heat treatment exterminates bed bugs in only one eco-friendly treatment. It is safe for family and pets and only takes a few short hours for full bed bug eradication.

Bed bugs Pickering

As bed bugs continue to invade Pickering the problem is sure to get worse. Eliminating bed bugs requires specialized technology and an exterminator that knows what they are doing!

Our bed bug extermination system is simply the best in the world - We guarantee it!

Bed bug heat treatment Pickering

Our bed bug extermination using heat as a treatment features:

  • One treatment bed bug extermination
  • Green heat technology that kill all bed bugs and their eggs
  • Free, onsite bed bug assessment
  • Limited 'prep'
  • Unmarked vehicles
  • 100% Guaranteed!

Guaranteed bed bug elimination in one treatment!

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Our 90 Day Service Guarantee
Our 90 Day Service Guarantee

Our Pickering bed bug extermination is Guaranteed!

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