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Bed bugs in Burlington

City of BurlingtonBed bug exterminators in Burlington Ontario have been kept busy as of late. The bed bug problem in Burlington, as in other areas of the GTA has risen to new highs and companies that exterminate the bugs are kept busy.

Over the past few years and since bed bugs have invaded the Burlington area, most bed bug treatments were conducted using pesticides. This traditional technique of bed bug extermination was never very effective and involved a significant amount of preparation prior to the bed bug exterminator arriving.

Over time Burlington residents found what others already knew - pesticides simply do not work against bed bugs. The bed bug population has grown immune to most types of pesticides which render them almost useless against this pesky insect. In addition, pesticides do not kill the bed bug eggs.

If you are a resident of Burlington Ontario you can now rest easy! If you find yourself facing a bed bug problem in your home we have the solution! Our pure green heat bed bug treatment is 100% effective against all bed bug in your home and their eggs. Our heat extermination takes only a few short hours and is family and pet safe.

We resolve a bed bug problem quickly, safely, cost effectively, discreetly and completely without the use of pesticides using heat to treat!

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Our bed bug heat treatments are so successful that we Guarantee Results!*

Bed bug control Burlington Ontario

Our bed bug control methods are simply the best... Here's why:

  • Latest 'green' heat technology kill ALL bugs dead!
  • Shorter treatment time means you get back to normal fast!
  • Full and complete bed bug extermination

100% bed bug elimination! If you live in Burlington and need bed bug help... Give us a call at (416) 893-1340

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Facts

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