Bed Bug Exterminator Richmond Hill Ontario

Bed Bugs Exterminator Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Ontario has been growing steadily for decades. The demographics of the Town show a steady increase in not only business but the general population as well.

The town of Richmond Hill has a rich and varied history. The first road was surveyed by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe in 1796. Back in those days people, even here suffered with bed bugs. Over time and by the late 1950's certain powerful pesticides had all but eradicated the bed bug from most urban areas.

However, after the ban of the most effective and prominent pesticide (DDT) the stage was set for a resurgence of this blood-sucking pest.

Resurge it did! With a vengeance! Now, much like most of the GTA, those living in Richmond Hill are suffering with bed bugs more each day.

There is help though. Unlike traditional pesticide spray applications that take multiple treatments and have limited effectiveness, there is a new way to kill bed bugs - heat!

By applying heat to a home and raising the temperature to the thermal kill range of the insect, we kill every single bed bug and their eggs too (something pesticides cannot do).

Our bed bug heat treatment only takes a few short hours and guarantees FULL eradication of all insects!

Bed bug facts...

Did you know that if you bring back just one inseminated female bed bug from vacation that you may be facing an all-out infestation in your home in just a matter of weeks? They multiply that quickly!

Bed bug advice for people in Richmond Hill

Here are some things to watch for after visiting a friend, going to the movies or coming back from vacation:

  • Monitor your family for unexplained itchy bites
  • Inspect your mattresses, box springs and sheets for blood stains or little black spots
  • Be aware that some people do not react to the bites so you may have them but don't realize it for some time

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, call us for advice. We can set you up with an unbiased, expert K-9 bed bug detection dog team the very same day.

We'd be happy to help you too!

Our 90 Day Service Guarantee
Our 90 Day Service Guarantee

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