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Niagara Ontario is a beautiful area that offers much to those that live there. Encompassing Niagara Falls and the Niagara Escarpment, this area owes its primary economy to tourism.

With the influx of international tourists, the Niagara region was one of the first areas to experience the deluge of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs have invaded the Niagara region with force and has continued to be in dire need of practical bed bug extermination techniques to deal with the growing problem.

Hotels in particular have born the brunt of the bed bug problem and, in turn, the employees of those hotels regularly bring the bugs back to their own homes. Often, residents of Niagara are not compensated for their bed bug treatments by their employers and, as such, have suffered from the economic impact of the cost of a bed bug exterminator visit.

We are proud to offer residents of this area a lower cost option for bed bug extermination. Our process does not need more than one visit and we guarantee* full and complete bed bug elimination in just one, cost effective treatment.

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GreenTech does not charge extra to service the Niagara Region. Our bed bug heat treatment is based solely on square footage of the area to be treated.

Bed bug exterminator Niagara

If you are suffering with bed bugs in the Niagara Region including Niagara Falls you can expect

  • Safe, effective bed bug control
  • On day treatment using heat to kill all bugs
  • The best service guarantee in Ontario

No longer do residents of Niagara Falls have to suffer with bed bugs!

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Bed bug heat treatment service area

Our mobile bed bug heat treatment service area extends throughout Southern Ontario

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Our bed bug extermination service guarantee is the best in the Niagara.

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