Bed bug exterminator Guelph

Bed Bugs Exterminator Guelph

The city of Guelph Ontario is commonly also associated with Puslinch and borders Milton Ontario as well. With a population of around 121,000 people, Guelph is a bustling city with a mix of business, residential and commercial activities.

The bed bug problem that surrounding areas are facing are more pronounced than that in Guelph itself... for now! Although this is case today, as the population of this city continues to grow and expand it is expected that bedbugs will emerge as a city-wide problem more in the future.

Guelph is experiencing a bed bug problem at this time. Residents of this quaint city find themselves in a position where exterminator companies often charge a premium for bed bug extermination due to the limited service area covered by such companies.

We service Guelph with no premium attached. People living in Guelph should expect the same high standard of bed bug extermination as others receive in other parts of Ontario's more populated areas.

Our bed bug extermination treatment is second to none and is the most efficient, safest and eco-friendly bedbug treatment in the world - with no pesticides!

K9 bed bug detection

Did you know that we will refer you to Canada's leading bed bug detection dog company as a courtesy if you suspect that you may have bed bugs?... Call us for details.

Bed bug extermination in Guelph

When considering a bed bug extermination company in Guelph consider this:

  • We do NOT charge a premium for servicing Guelph
  • We eliminate ALL bed bugs in one treatment
  • Our bed bug treatment uses pure green heat with NO pesticides!
  • Cost effective bed bug extermination
  • 100% bed bug elimination in one treatment - Guaranteed!*

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Compare Heat Treatments
Compare Heat Treatments

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Bed Bug Detection Experts
K9 Bed Bug Detection

Third party, unbiased K9 bed bug detection available on request.

Our 90 Day Service Guarantee
Our 90 Day Service Guarantee

See why our bed bug extermination guarantee is simply better!

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Contact us for help you can trust

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